Sunday, March 5, 2017

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Greermount 95'er

Greermount 95'er
Ride with GPS link:
Surface: 5% pavement, 85% good gravel, 5% rough gravel, 5% ATV track
Ideal bike: 29'er hardtail, gravel bike with 700x40's, Fatbike pumped- up
On-route amenities: little to none. take an extra 5km ride up to Otter Lake to refill with food/water if need be, otherwise you're treating your own water.
The roughest section, Chemin Milliken Climb

GP - West Quebec

The Province of Quebec is Canada's largest province. Nearly three times the size of France, most of which is sparsely populated, the majority of its people residing along the shores of the St Laurence Seaway, from Montreal to the Quebec city. The southern side of the St Laurence are the Eastern Townships, dotted with communities surrounded by rolling hills and peaks with ski runs oozing their way down to the shops and bars. To the north and west of the Seaway lies some of the most extensive gravel road systems I've ever encountered. Combine this with a severe lack of people and places, it is a mecca for disappearing into what is arguably Canada's best kept secret for remote gravel grinding and backpacking.

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